Crusader Kings 3 To Get Free Extensive Character Creator Update

The update is set to come tomorrow.

Crusader Kings 3

Paradox Interactive Crusader Kings has always been an acclaimed franchise, but with the recently released third entry in the series, it seems to have reached a whole new level. The game has managed to already sell over 1 million copies, and that’s even despite releasing day and date on Xbox Game Pass. Much like the previous titles, it’s due for several updates, and one is a free one that will give you a lot of new options.

Part of Crusader Kings is all about creating your dynasty. Now with a free update that’s planned for tomorrow, you’ll get an extensive ruler creator. It’s not just about appearance either, things like stats and perks are also on the menu. Paradox released a video to preview it, which you can see below. What’s nice here is in the past this has been paid DLC.

Crusader Kings 3 is available now on PC and is still available via Xbox Game Pass. The free update with the character creator will release November 24th.

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