Cyberpunk 2077 Dev Responds To Report Of Seizure Issues, Says Solution Is Being Worked On

Though no specifics are given.

After a long wait, we’ll finally be able to play Cyberpunk 2077 very soon. The game is out there both in the hands of reviewers and just regular joes as copies have been leaked all over the place. The reception is largely positive, but even glowing reviews have mentioned the amount of technical issues the game has, something that apparently has been fixed to some degree. Probably one of the bigger oversights that’s come, however, has been a report of the game having seizure-inducing lights without proper warning, but it seems the developers are aware.

On the official Cyberpunk Twitter, they retweeted the Game Informer article originally highlighting the issue (you can read all about through here). They did mention there was a part of their EULA Agreement that talks about the seizures, which they link to.

While they don’t go into specifics, they do thank the writer for highlighting the issue and say that a more permanent solution is being worked on. It’s something of a big oversight, honestly, since even with it being in the EULA Agreement, large form warnings are pretty standard for titles nowadays before going into the game. Hopefully, though, it can be fixed relatively soon. Until that point, just watch yourselves when the game does release December 10th if you are prone to seizures.

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