Cyberpunk 2077 Now Features Warning About Performance On Xbox Store

Well, it’s still available for purchase. That’s something.

Cyberpunk 2077_11

The story that is surrounding Cyberpunk 2077 sure is something else, and it’s doubtful it’s the story that CD Projekt RED had hoped would be told one week after the game’s official launch. From stories of the developers themselves being enraged at management for the rollout, to everything about refunds, to the game being literally delisted on the PlayStation Store, it is like nothing we’ve ever seen before. While the game remains up on the Xbox side, even this now has a warning.

Shortly after the game was pulled from PSN, there was wonder if the same would happen on Xbox. CD Projekt RED revealed they had not been in talks with Microsoft to pull the Xbox version shortly after. That remains true, but a warning has now been put on the game on the Xbox store listing, which reads, “Users may experience performance issues when playing this game on Xbox One consoles until this game is updated.”

This means the game will seemingly remain up for purchase, at least for now, unlike the PlayStation version which is no longer purchasable. General reports show the game largely runs okay on the Series X/S (though all versions have various glitches, bugs, and crashes, no matter where it’s being played). The main issues come from trying to play the game on Xbox One systems, especially the base models.

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