Cyberpunk 2077 – PS5, Xbox Series X/S Versions And DLC Coming Second Half Of 2021 After Major Updates

The company also makes a video commitment to fixing the technical issues.

There has probably never been a story in the gaming world quite like Cyberpunk 2077. The game’s troubles are very well documented, and has even lead to the threat of legal action. It’s been a wild ride since the game released at the end of 2020, and now the developer is saying they are going to commit to fixing the problems, and it looks like that means some things are getting pushed back in the process.

Today, CD Projekt RED released a video featuring Studio Co-founder Marcin Iwinski talking about the game’s troubles. There’s some…odd bits in here, especially when he talks about reviewers who scored the game low due to the technical issues (we did two reviews, one on the PC version which was largely fine, and then the console versions, which was largely not very fine), as well as claiming that they did not encounter the common issues in their testing of the console versions.

Still, the video aims to tell you, the “gamers,” that CDPR will continue improving the game. That also seems to entail that DLC and the official, native next gen versions are getting pushed back in the process.

Alongside the video, the studio also released a loose roadmap. If you recall, at the end of last year they teased free DLC would be coming ‘early 2021.’ Seems as if that won’t happen as instead they will work to do some major updates, the first of which is set to release in 10 days, first. DLC and the next gen versions look to now be aiming at the second half of the year, with the PS5/Xbox Series X looking closer to the end of the year potentially. There is also a multiplayer mode planned, but no mention is made of it here.

While no specific dates or time frames are given, it looks like it’s wise not to expect any DLC for quite awhile as CDPR continues working to fix up the issues that are present, especially in the console versions (as of writing this, the game is still delisted on the PlayStation Store). Despite all of this, Cyberpunk 2077 was a major success, but it still seems a long road is ahead until the game gets where it needs to be on a technical level.

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