Cyberpunk 2077’s Total Budget Was Roughly $316 Million

Over 5200 people have been engaged in the project overall.

cyberpunk 2077

Along with providing updated sales figures for Cyberpunk 2077, which sold through over 13.7 million units last year, CD Projekt RED’s Investor Relations profile on Twitter shared the overall budget for the title. It’s reportedly 1.2 billion PLN or roughly $316,131,480 USD. Keep in mind that this likely includes the marketing budget as well.

After all, as the IR profile notes, there were over 55 localized marketing campaigns and more than 3.1 billion ad impressions in the global digital campaign (from November to December 2020). While 530 developers from CD Projekt RED worked on the title, the total number of people “engaged” with the project was more than 5200.

Finally, there’s the voice acting with 11 voice overs involving 2000 actors in 18 languages. This makes it one of the most expensive video games developed behind Red Dead Redemption 2 whose total budget was estimated to be $370 million to $540 million as per analysts. Keep in mind that Cyberpunk 2077’s release isn’t one-and-done – CD Projekt RED is still working on free updates and DLC, Xbox Series X/S and PS5 versions, and paid expansions.

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