Dark Souls Fan-Made Sequel Nightfall To Release In January 2022


FromSoftware’s 2011 release Dark Souls is a revolutionary game that changed the industry in more ways than one. The developer not only found commercial success with its release, but also gave birth to a new genre that has been growing increasingly popular ever since. While the game itself didn’t receive any significant DLC with the exception of Artorias of the Abyss, a fan-made mod has been gaining a lot of attraction lately.

Nightfall is a full-fledged fan-made sequel to the 2011 classic, which takes place just after the game’s Darklord ending. Players will have access to a bunch of new areas, new bosses to fight, and of course, new gear to find. It’s a pretty neat fan project that’s showing a lot of promise, and will be releasing on 21st January 2022 – as revealed in an official release date trailer that you can check out below.

Of course, the mod will only be available on PC.

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