Darkest Dungeon 2 – Obsession’s Gaze Update Adds New Confession and Mountain Boss

Darkest Dungeon 2

Following The Altar of Hope, Red Hook Studios’ Darkest Dungeon 2 has received another update in Obsession’s Gaze. It adds a new Confession, Ordainment modifiers, and a terrifying new Mountain Boss. Check out the teaser trailer below to see it in action.

Obsession’s Gaze also adds Hero Goals. Every hero created at the Crossroads now has a personal goal – fulfilling this will reward candles for the Altar. Even if the Expedition fails or is abandoned, you’ll still retain the candles if the goal is completed. Players will start with easy “tutorial” goals. Once complete, higher difficulties – which provide more candles – will become available.

Enhanced visuals and sub-biomes have also been added to each region, from The Sprawl’s sewers and The Tangle’s great tree roots to the muddy and withered Foetor. Ten new region modifiers, like Strategic Plan for 33 percent Battle Advantage Chance, Heavy Winds for -20 Max Flame, and more are also available.

Darkest Dungeon 2 is available in early access for PC on the Epic Games Store. Its 1.0 release arrives in February 2023 alongside the Steam version.

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