Days Gone 2 Petition Passes 55,000 Signatures as Fans Ask for a Sequel

Looks like people really want that sequel.

Days Gone_02

For a while, Days Gone 2 seemed like a sure thing. The original game was getting consistent updates and while reception had been mixed at launch, word of mouth surrounding the title was positive and it was selling well. According to a report earlier this month, however, Sony Bend’s pitch for Days Gone 2 was rejected because if the original game’s disappointing critical reception (Days Gone has a 71 on MetaCritic). The report, published by Bloomberg, also claims that after staff at the studio were unhappy with being tasked to support Naughty Dog on a multiplayer game and a new Uncharted, the studio was allowed to work on a new original project.

In response, fans have launched a petition asking Sony to approve Days Gone 2. At the time of this writing, the petition has amassed more than 55,000 signatures.

“There’s millions of people who want Sony PlayStation to approve Days Gone 2,” the petition reads. “And I want all the fans to sign this petition. They can’t just pull the plug on such a amazing game that ended with a cliff hanger.”

While a petition is unlikely to change Sony’s mind, it did catch the attention of Days Gone‘s director, Jeff Ross, who thanked fans for their support on Twitter.

“Thanks to everyone for getting the Days Gone petition to 50,000! No matter where this thing ends, I just want you all to know how much your love means to me and members of the team,” Ross wrote. “Days Gone fans are the best fans!”

Both Ross and John Garvin, Day’s Gone‘s creative director, haven’t been with Bend Studio for a while. Both Ross and Garvin also recently appeared in interviews with God of War and Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe. In the interview, Garvin said that “MetaCritic score was everything to Sony” and told players not to “complain if a game doesn’t get a sequel if it wasn’t supported at launch.”

Garvin might have a point had Days Gone not sold well, but given that it sold more copies than every other game Sony Bend ever made combined, he mostly sounds bitter.

It’s not all bad news for Days Gone, though. The game is coming to PC on May 18th.

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