Dead Cells Update 28 Enters Beta Testing, Further Polishes “The Bank” Biome

Dead Cells - The Queen and the Sea DLC_02

The Queen and the Sea DLC released last month for Dead Cells but the development team isn’t done supporting the game. It released a new update last week for testing on Steam, which contains the new biome “The Bank” along with some new weapons. Following some additional polish, update 28 is now available again for PC players to test.

Along with sound effects, music and lore room text, there’s also been a good amount of balancing. Big Gold Gorger and Mimic have seen some nerfs to their damage while Evil Guillain has been buffed. The Survival skill Vampirism has had its effect doubled on heavy weapons and the War Spear has been buffed but is no longer considered a heavy weapon.

In terms of bug fixes, the “bag enemy” that the development team didn’t want to spoil is unavailable to fight in the Training Room. Furthermore, reaching the Crown (the final biome in The Queen and the Sea) now also serves to unlock The Bank. Check out the full patch notes below for more details.

Update 28 Beta


  • Slight damage nerfs to Big Gold Gorger and Mimic
  • Reactivity and damage buff to Evil Guillain
  • Midas’ Blood now interacts with Face Flask
  • Guillain can now spawn in Cliff after the Bank
  • Survival Vampirism buff: effect doubled on heavy weapons
  • War Spear damage buff but is no longer a heavy weapon
  • Gold Plating doesn’t protect from curses anymore (as planned)
  • Getting hit while using Gold Plating now properly resets the kill streak / breaks flawlessness on bosses

Bug fixes:

  • “Bag enemy whom we try not to spoil” is now unavailable in the Training Room
  • Shark now properly displays crits
  • Reaching the Crown now also unlocks the Bank
  • Gold Digger crash in Clock Room solved
  • Dagger of Profit had no cooldown after its attacks, making it glitch weirdly and launch attacks while
  • the previous one was still resolving and breaking its balancing and FXs in the process.


  • Various additions to existing U28 features (lore rooms, tooltips, etc.)
  • EN corrections

Sound design:

  • Lots of SFX
  • Music mastering update

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