Dead Space Developers Talk About Redesigning Isaac’s Iconic Suit for the Remake

dead space

In the lead-up to the Dead Space remake’s launch, its developers at Motive Studio have lately revealed a lot about the changes and improvements they’ve made to the game, courtesy of IGN’s ongoing exclusive coverage of the game, and have discussed everything from how specific scenes have been altered and general improvements on the storytelling front to the implementation of the new Intensity Director and changes made to weapons.

In a newly uploaded video, the focus is squarely on protagonist Isaac Clarke’s iconic suit. The first half of the video focuses on the 2008 original, with Chi-Wai Lao – who was the concept artist at Visceral who designed the suit – talking about how he landed on the final look for the character, and how that ended up inspiring the art direction of the rest of the game as well.

The video then goes on to focus on members of the remake’s development team at Motive Studio, who discuss the balance they wanted to strike between retaining the original look while also adding a significant amount of new details to give it an even more distinct visual style. Check out the video below for more.

Dead Space recently went gold, and will launch for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on January 27.

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