Deathloop Trailer Highlights Critical Acclaim


Bethesda has a new trailer available for Deathloop, highlighting the game’s widespread critical acclaim. Check it out below. While our official review is a little less glowing (check it out here), there is plenty of fun to be had in running around, killing Eternalists and ultimately figuring out how to assassinate all of the Visionaries.

Deathloop is the story of Colt Vahn, who wakes up on a beach in Blackreef Isle one day. After being made aware of his circumstances, like being unable to leave the island and the day looping continuously, he sets out to break the Loop. While taking down the Visionaries is part of that plan, Colt also has to deal with Julianna, a mysterious agent hell-bent on stopping him.

Deathloop is currently available as a timed console exclusive for PS5 and PC. The exclusivity period lasts until September 14th 2022 and with Bethesda Softworks now being part of Xbox Game Studios, it’s likely the game arrives for Xbox platforms in the future. Stay tuned for more details until then or read up on the one secret thing that players have yet to discover in the game.

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