Deathloop’s Narrative, Gameplay Structure, And Upgrades Explained In New Video

The game’s Director breaks down the upcoming time loop game.


This year, we’ll find ourselves in the Deathloop, the latest game from Arkane Studios. The game is one of the most unique ones we’ve seen on the mainstream level in some time as you play two character stuck in a time loop, with one trying to end it, and the other trying to keep it going. It’s easily one of the most stylish games coming this year, and the gameplay has largely looked very solid. Now we get a break down of how everything is put together.

Curtesy of IGN, we got a brand new video where the game’s Director gives us the full lowdown. As you no doubt know at this point, the core concept of the game is that you are stuck in a time loop, and you reset when you die. While the game has some roguelike elements, it’s not entirely the same concept. For one, you can manage to keep your weapons, and you also find AEON Trinkets that serve as upgrades that you can also take with you with each reset.

The narrative sees you hunting AEON, a group of rich folks who are basically using the timeloop to live forever calling themselves the visionaries. Your ultimate goal is to kill all 8 of them, one of which is your constant stalker, Julianne, who will hunt you through each of your loops. There is one large map, split into 4 districts with the visionaries shattered throughout. Part of the challenge of the game is figuring out how to kill all 8 at the same time to close the loop.

Deathloop will release on May 21th for PlayStation 5 and PC.

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