Deathloop’s PS5 Exclusivity Ends on September 14, 2022


Arkane Studios is a first party Xbox studio now, what with parent company Bethesda’s parent company ZeniMax having been acquired by Microsoft (yeah, that’s a lot of steps), but the exclusivity deals that Bethesda’s studios had in place even with stiff competitors are, of course, going to be honoured. Arkane is currently working on Redfall for Xbox Series X/S and PC, but it’s also got a PS5 console exclusive coming up later this year in Deathloop– and now we know exactly when its exclusivity period will end.

Deathloop showed off a meaty chunk of gameplay footage in yesterday’s State of Play presentation, and in the video uploaded by the PlayStation YouTube channel, right at the end you can see that the exact timespan of the game’s PS5 console exclusivity is mentioned (screencap below). Deathloop is going to be a PS5 console exclusive until “at least” September 14 of next year, exactly a year after its launch. This doesn’t come as a surprise, of course, since it’s been confirmed in the past that the game’s PS5 exclusivity will last for a year, but it’s still good to have an exact date nailed down.

Meanwhile, fellow Xbox first party studio Tango Gameworks’ GhostWire: Tokyo is also going to be a PS5 console exclusive, and that exclusivity period, too, is going to last for a year.

deathloop ps5 exclusivity

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