Death’s Door’s Success Has Met the Developer’s “Wildest Expectations”; Acid Nerve is Aware of Switch Demand

Death's Door

Acid Nerve launched their Zelda-style dungeon-crawling action-adventure title Death’s Door recently, and have been enjoying great success on multiple fronts, having been met with near-universal acclaim and having amassed over 100,000 players in less than a week. As you’d expect, the developers are thrilled with how the game is performing.

Speaking to 9news, David Fenn – one half of the two-man team at Acid Nerve – said that the game’s success has met Acid Nerve’s “wildest expectations.”

“Nothing could’ve gone better,” Fenn said. “It’s kind of just our wildest expectations have been met.”

Acid Nerve’s Mark Foster went on to remark that Death’s Door being an Xbox console exclusive was part of the plan from the get go, and commented on its success despite the fact that it’s not available via Xbox Game Pass. “It was always Xbox exclusive, that was the plan from the very beginning,” Foster said. “It seems like people are actually willing to buy a game in 2021, which is a nice surprise.”

Of course, given Death’s Door nature as an indie game and the fact that it’s so heavily inspired by classic Zelda games, it goes without saying that there’s quite a lot of demand for the game on the Nintendo Switch. And while Acid Nerve has nothing to announce right now regarding any ports, the developer is aware of that.

“There’s no current plans we can announce today,” Fenn said, “but Switch is a very popular request for game developers these days.”

Currently, Death’s Door is available on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. You can read our review of the game through here.

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