Deck13 Opens New Studio in Montreal to Work on Upcoming New IP

Focus Home Interactive and Deck13’s next game is due out next year.

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Focus Home Interactive have confirmed that they’ve opened up a new studio for The Surge and Lords of the Fallen developer Deck13 in Montreal, Canada (via Gamasutra). The new Montreal studio will serve as a support studio to the Frankfurt-based developer, and will assist in the development of their next game, which is currently planned for 2022.

“Deck13 Studio Montreal will allow us to strengthen our knowledge and integrate new visions, cultures and know-how that will undoubtedly take the studio to the next level,” says Deck13 managing director Mathias Reichert.

Meanwhile, Focus Home Interactive, who acquired Deck13 in June of last year, say that opening up a new studio for Deck13 in Montreal will not only allow them greater support during development, but also aid in growing their brand as a developer.

“This subsidiary is the symbol of our desire to integrate new talents and skills, and demonstrates our exacting standards and our determination to always seek quality and innovation that will allow us  to offer unique gaming experiences to players,” says Focus Home Interactive management board chairman Christophe Nobileau.

Deck13 has previously confirmed that it’s working on a new IP instead of new game in The Surge franchise. Read more on that through here.

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