Demon’s Souls Has An Update Of About 850-900 MB

You should be able to jump right into the game come launch.

Demon's Souls

For those who are lucky enough to get a PS5 when they launch later this week, there are a lot of games to potentially chose from. It’s probably one of the better launch lineups ever, and easily the best first party Sony console launch lineup (not that that is a high bar anyway). One of those will be Demon’s Souls, a remake of the PS3 classic that is getting quite the facelift, in a very literal sense. With game sizes and updates ballooning, you’re probably expecting to have to wait a good while because you jump in, but it seems that won’t be the case.

Twitter user Lance McDonald got his hands on the PS5 and seemingly was able to see see the day one update for Demon’s Souls. While initially he said it looked to only have a 3 MB update, he later amended that to say it had an update of around 850-900 MB. It’s not clear exactly where the confusion is, but it seems updating is somehow different on PS5 than it was on PS4 though he doesn’t go into details. Either way, it looks like you won’t have a massive update to sit through unless Sony drops a second, bigger patch before Thursday’s launch.

Demon’s Souls is set to release on November 12th exclusively for the PlayStation 5. For everything you’ll need to know about the high profile remake, we’ve got you covered through here.

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