Demon’s Souls PS4 Database Entry is Over 4 Years Old – Report

Demon's Souls

Recently, a database entry on the PlayStation Store for Demon’s Souls on PS4 emerged. This was thought to be either cancelled or a test version though some believed it possible that Bluepoint Games’ PS5 remake could be coming to PS4. Such a strategy would fit with Sony’s cross-gen approach as of late.

However, known modder and leaker Lance McDonald believes otherwise. On Twitter, he noted that, “The database entry is over 4 years old and whoever scraped it managed to somehow do it without obtaining even a single piece of metadata to verify any aspect of it, so I don’t think it’s worth even acknowledging personally.” Instead of the PS5 version, McDonald believes that it’s more likely to be a PlayStation Now entry for the original PS3 version to PS4.

This would have been used for remote QA while the remake was still in the early stages of development. “Sony often do this. These builds are never intended for release.” He further said that he’d be willing to be put money on this being the case “now that I think about exactly what data was scraped and exactly what I saw personally during the remake’s development.” Regardless, don’t expect anything from this to release any time soon.

Of course, until Sony comes out and officially confirms all of this, then there’s no way of knowing for sure. But McDonald’s statement does make more sense than, say, a remake specifically tailored for PS5 suddenly come to PS4 out of the blue. Take things with some grain of salt for now and stay tuned for any further details.

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