Demon’s Souls Reportedly Went Gold Over a Month Ago

New details on the game have also emerged.

Demon's Souls

With Demon’s Souls out in less than three weeks, you might be wondering when developers Bluepoint Games will be making the announcement that development on the game has wrapped up. Well, it seems it happened quite a while back. According popular modder and known Souls fanatic Lance McDonald, Demon’s Souls went gold over a month ago, on September 24.

Of course, this isn’t confirmed yet, but it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch. For instance, fellow first party PS5 launch title Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales went gold in early October. If Demon’s Souls has gone gold, that means that even though the developers will continue to work on fixes and polishing, principal development on the game is complete. There should be no delays, and any work done by Bluepoint following the game going gold will come in the form of a day one patch.

Meanwhile, McDonald also stated in subsequent tweets that he’s seen some small sections of gameplay from Demon’s Souls and also been given lots of new information, some of which he proceeded to share. He suggests that gameplay is going to be largely similar to what was shown off in its gameplay debut trailer.

McDonald says that the game still looks like Demon’s Souls, but “incredibly beautiful and some bosses are far more disgusting than ever.” The camera’s positioning has supposedly changed slightly from the gameplay trailer, with the camera being more zoomed out and the player now being in the middle of the screen, similar to the PS3 game. McDonald also adds that based on everything he’s seen so far, it doesn’t look like the game has any difficulty options.

Demon’s Souls is out exclusively for the PS5 on November 12. The game will have different modes prioritizing visuals and performance.

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