Demon’s Souls Will Have Different Sensations Through Adaptive Triggers For Attacks And Spells

Gavin Moore also says haptic feedback will be integral to the experience.

Demon's Souls PS5_01

Say what you will about the PS5, but Sony is bringing quite the first party effort for the system’s launch. One of those is the remake from Bluepoint Games and Sony Japan, Demon’s Souls. The game was the beginning of the Souls franchise as we know it today back on the PS3, and will now help to kick off the PS5. It will also make use of not just the new technology of the console, but also the controller.

In latest issue of PlayStation Official Magazine, (November 2020, issue 180), Sony Japan Creative Director Gavin Moore spoke about how the title would make use of the DualSense controller’s features, specifically the adaptive triggers. Different sensations will be implemented for weapon attacks and spells, letting you have various different feelings via those triggers based on how you play. Even smaller things like pulling levers and parries will have some degree of feedback. Moore also said that haptic feedback would be an “integral” part of the experience, though did not go into specifics.

Demon’s Souls is set to launch alongside the PS5 on November 12th. The game will feature mode options for both visuals and performance, which you can read more about through here, as well as have a Digital Deluxe Edition that you can check out here.

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