Demon’s Souls Will Have Over 180 Videos In Game Help Via PS5’s New UI Feature

See that dodge button? Press it.

Demon's Souls

There’s much to look forward to for when the PS5 launches next week (or the week after that depending on your region), but one of the main next generation only attractions is Demon’s Souls. The remake from Sony Japan and Bluepoint will aim to continue the spirit of the original PS3 title, which includes a lack of difficulty levels. However, with the PS5’s new UI features, help is just a button away.

If you recall, one of the many new features Sony is touting with the PS5 is the ability to go to specific Activities as well as get helpful hints and videos via the system’s UI (you can see the full thing through here if you’re not aware or have forgot). In an interview with The Washington Post, several developers shared some ways their games are using these new features and when it came to Demon’s Souls, Gavin Moore revealed the game would have over 180 helpful videos that can be accessed without even leaving the screen. No specific examples were given, so that you’ll have to wait to see for yourself.

Demon’s Souls will release on PlayStation 5 November 12th. You can see the latest information on the game, including details on Fractured Mode, Photo Mode and more through here.

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