Desperados 3 – Money for the Vultures Part 1 DLC Out Now

Another free update in the Baron’s Challenge series is also available.

Desperados 3_02

Mimimi Games has been adding free updates to Desperados 3 with the Baron’s Challenges. However, its first paid DLC for the tactical strategy title, Money for the Vultures Part 1: Late to the Party, is now available. Check out the release trailer to see what kind of mission the gang is taking on this time.

Set after the base game’s story, it sees Cooper and his posse going after Vincent DeVitt’s treasures. Along with new characters like Rosie from Baton Rouge, there are also looters and a vault to deal with. The developer promises an average playtime of 90 to 120 minutes for this first part, which sounds pretty good.

For those who haven’t picked up the DLC, a new Baron’s Challenge is available in a free update. The challenge is called “What if?” and you can check out what it contains in the trailer below. Stay tuned for more details on Desperados 3’s paid DLC in the coming months – the game is available now for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Check out our review for it here.

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