Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Lost Sector Legendary Farm Quickly Patched

Widow’s Walk in the EDZ allowed players to quickly hit the 1200 Power soft cap.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light_02

Bungie’s Destiny 2: Beyond Light is out and by now, players would have cleared the campaign. This means that the grind to max Power is on, especially with the raid coming up next week. Some players managed to circumvent it somewhat thanks to a particular Lost Sector in the European Dead Zone.

If you ventured to Widow’s Walk and killed the Wanted target there, you’d receive a Legendary Engram. However, Legendaries were dropping at several levels higher than expected, allowing players to quickly hit the 1200 Power soft cap. Bungie realized this and has appropriately hotfixed the issue.

Of course, that’s only one step of the journey complete. Players will now have to complete weekly rituals like Gambit, Strikes, Crucible matches, and more to gain Powerful Gear drops to advance. With the Deep Stone Crypt raid going live on November 21st and the Contest Mode modifier providing a cap on player’s level, the race to being adequately geared is on. Stay tuned for more details in the coming days.

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