Destiny 2 – Bungie Investigating Golgoroth’s “Extremely Loud Roar” Bug in King’s Fall Raid

Destiny 2 - King's Fall

The latest raid for Destiny 2 went live last Friday, bringing King’s Fall from The Taken King into the sequel. There are some differences in a few mechanics, but overall, it’s incredibly faithful to the Destiny 1 version. Except Golgoroth, one of the raid bosses, is capable of producing a deafening roar that peaks like one wouldn’t believe.

Bungie is aware of the same and recommends lowering one’s audio output while combating Golgoroth. When this will be fixed remains to be seen. The “extremely loud roar” can happen at random points, so it’s probably best to just mute the game audio for the encounter.

Though King’s Fall may be done and dusted for some groups, there’s still plenty of other content to look forward to. The Season of Plunder is live and adds pirate-style ship-to-ship combat, treasure hunting, and new gear to grind. The next expansion, Lightfall, is out on February 28th, 2023, and adds a new destination, new Strand subclasses, and much more.

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