Destiny 2 – Iron Banner: Fortress is Now Live

Destiny 2 - Iron Banner - Fortress

Iron Banner has returned in Destiny 2 and marks the first instance of the PvP event in Season of the Seraph. However, this week is a bit different than previous events, thanks to the introduction of Fortress. Like Zone Control, players must capture and hold zones to generate points. More zones captured equals more points.

Fortress adds a little twist by having Empress Caiatl’s forces join the fight for a team that hits 40 points. When this occurs, a Cabal drop pod will be marked on the map, spawning an Esteemed Scorpius and turrets. Defeating them, capturing the zone and protecting it will earn more points.

The high-value zone lasts 45 seconds and spawns again when a team hits 80 points. It’s a nice little PvE twist on Iron Banner, which has traditionally leaned more towards PvP. The Iron Companion Armor from Destiny: The Taken King also returns in addition to new weapons, so complete matches and rank up with Saladin to earn them.

Iron Banner is available until the next weekly reset on January 10th. Season of the Seraph is live until February 28th, the same day as the launch of Lightfall, the next expansion.

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