Destiny 2 – Season of Plunder Starts Today, Adds Pirates and Treasure Hunting

Destiny 2 Season of Plunder

Along with unveiling Lightfall, Bungie also showcased the next season for Destiny 2 – Season of Plunder (as the rumors claimed). It sees Eramis escaping from her icy prison and assembling a pirate crew to collect relics of Darkness. It’s your job to stop her, working with the Drifter and your crew. The season goes live today and ends on December 6th.

The season adds a new six-player activity, Ketchcrash, where players engage in ship-to-ship combat with Eramis’s crews. This doesn’t necessarily mean space combat. No, you’re launching onto an enemy ship and raising hell. In addition, there’s Expedition which involves searching for treasure with a giant drill.

Finally, players will investigate Pirate Hideouts. Upon assembling pieces of treasure maps, they’ll assault pirate gangs in their layers and recover the dark relics. Season of Plunder launches with a new Exotic weapon (which appears to be a fusion rifle), a new Season Pass, new armor, weapons, and much more. Stay tuned for more details on it in the meantime.

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