Destiny 2 – Trails of Osiris Revamps, Crucible Maps and More Inbound

Destiny 2 - Trials of Osiris_03

For all the new content and improvements that Destiny 2 has seen after the split from Activision, PvP has been one area where fans have felt neglected. With the August 24th showcase later this month, assistant game director Joe Blackburn shared some plans on how the Crucible will be supported in the coming days. Along with “three-peaking” (aka peaking around corners by going into third person), Trials of Osiris will be receiving some revamps.

Two vaulted maps are also coming back in Season 16, which starts later this month. Blackburn noted that, “When we upgraded our engine with Beyond Light it means we had to hand port all of our Destiny 2 maps and modes. So, while it may seem from the outside like we’re just pushing a button there’s a significant lift from the team to get more of this content back in rotation.”

Season 17 will see a brand new map being introduced with Blackburn teasing a “bunch of new environments” coming to the game and the team being excited to “start bringing them into the Crucible.” Season 18 will see a remastered Destiny 1 map also coming. “All this effort is going to be done in parallel with the team looking to fund the far future with a predictable roadmap of maps in Lightfall and beyond.”

But that’s not all. Bungie is also looking into adding Rift into the game next year. Brand-new modes are also in the works for 2022, though it’s not going to spoil what these are just yet. “We’re excited to offer new twists and rules to the ways you can make Shaxx proud,” said Blackburn. Following the Trials of Osiris update in the next season, the developer will look at broad systemic improvements that the ecosystem needs, ideally offering a similar revamp each year.

Stay tuned for more details when the upcoming showcase airs. Destiny 2’s next big expansion, The Witch Queen, is out in early 2022.

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