Destiny 2 – Trials of Osiris Still Unavailable as Issues Being Investigated

An exploit that allows for 12 players in activities is being fixed though.

Destiny 2 - Trials of Osiris_03

In its latest weekly update for Destiny 2, Bungie confirmed that Trials of Osiris would remain unavailable for players. The mode was disabled earlier this week “due to unexpected issues” and the developer confirms they’re being investigated. While it didn’t acknowledge the same, many believe the mode to have been removed due to issues with win-trading.

How this will be addressed in the coming days remains to be seen. One issue that will be fixed on March 16th when Grandmaster Nightfalls begin is an exploit that allows for 12 players in one activity. However, Bungie is mostly fine with this for the time being.

“We’ve been watching the 12-player raid hype and are glad you’re enjoying yourselves. We aren’t rushing out a fix for this and it’s totally fine if you want to try it out and have some fun. Just keep in mind that we didn’t create these activities expecting a clown car of Guardians to roll up, so you may experience some weirdness.”

So until then, the floor is open for all kinds of multi-fireteam raids and strikes. Destiny 2 is currently in the midst of Season of the Chosen which added the new Battlegrounds activities, the Presage mission (which rewards new Exotic Dead Man’s Tale) and two returning Strikes from Destiny 1. A brand new Strike called Proving Grounds will be added on March 30th so stay tuned.

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