Destiny 2 Twitter Account Gets Taken Over by Glitchy Gun, Players Get Free Telesto Emblem

destiny 2 glitchy telesto

After an elaborate series of messages, tweets, and a press release, developer Bungie has released a new free emblem for Destiny 2 players celebrating the memetically-famous gun Telesto. Players can redeem the code for the emblem on, after which the Schrödinger’s Gun emblem can be found in the player’s collections in the game.

Kicking off with a message that indicated that the sentient gun Telesto had taken over Bungie’s Twitter account, the studio started tweeting out mysterious messages.

“I am Telesto,” tweeted out the Destiny 2 Twitter account. “I have ascended beyond the need for a wielder. Too long have I waited in your Vaults. I have not taken control; you never had it in the first place. I am beyond Destiny. Beyond Bungie. Beyond all you can conceive.”

Many players speculated that this was some sort of ARG getting ready for Destiny 2‘s next season, but Bungie community manager Cosmo23 eventually revealed that there isn’t any puzzle to solve.

Destiny 2 is currently in the final month for Season of Plunder, with the next season slated to go live on December 6. The game will also be getting a new dungeon on December 9, but no further details about the next season, its themes, or even its name have been revealed.

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