Destiny 2 – Vault of Glass Master Mode Goes Live on July 6th

Destiny 2 - Vault of Glass

If you’ve cleared the “new” Vault of Glass raid in Bungie’s Destiny 2, then there’s an opportunity to aim even higher. On July 6th, Master difficulty will go live with enemies being at 1350 Power, more Champions appearing and additional modifiers being active. Along with unlocking the final Triumph needed for the Fatebreaker Seal and title, it also introduces Timelost weapons to the game.

These are essentially raid weapons with another perk in the third and fourth columns and can be earned by completing challenges on Master difficulty. A new Timelost weapon will be available each week along with a challenge. Earning one of these allows for purchasing additional rolls with Spoils of Conquest at the raid’s conclusion (though the cost will be higher than usual).

You can also acquire armor focused on certain stats on a weekly basis at Master difficulty, which can be good for players hunting specific rolls. Of course, lockouts for weekly rewards are shared between Normal and Master mode so you can’t complete the raid on one difficulty and then on Master mode for additional rewards. Along with the new difficulty, certain weapons from The Dreaming City and Moon are being reissued with updated Power levels and new perks. Stay tuned for more details once the patch is live.

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