Destiny 2 Xur Exotics – Skyburner’s Oath, Ophidia Spathe, Eternal Warrior

Xur’s offerings this week are fairly typical, if nothing else.

Destiny 2 Xur

After some interesting offerings last week, Destiny 2’s Xur is back to providing some run of the mill Exotics. You can find him on The Rig on Titan, perhaps for the last time with the destination entering the Destiny Content Vault in November. He’ll be available there until the next weekly reset.

The Exotic weapon this week is Skyburner’s Oath, an energy scout rifle that fires explosive slugs in full auto. Shooting from the hip allows the slugs to seek out targets while aiming down sights will cause them to travel faster and deal more damage (at the cost of lower fire rate). It’s a decent weapon and can penetrate Cabal Phalanx shields – pick it up for 29 Legendary Shards.

Exotic gear for the week includes Ophidia Spathe (Hunter chest), Eternal Warrior (Titan helm) and Transversive Steps (Warlock boots), each for 23 Legendary Shards. Warlocks may want to look into Transversive Steps since it increases sprint speed and reloads one’s primary weapon after some time. Otherwise, there are better options available for each subclass.

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