Detroit: Become Human Has Now Surpassed 6 Million Units Sold


For years, Sony and developer/publisher Quantic Dream were attached at the hip and were part of several high-profile collaborations. The final one of those was Detroit: Become Human, a story set in the future about the uneasy relationship between humans and advanced androids. The game is roughly 3 years old now, but continues to sell well after launch.

Quantic Dream took to their official Twitter to announce the game had now surpassed 6 million units sold. For reference, in August of last year, the game was said to pass 5 million units sold. That means in under a year, the game managed another 1 million in sales and that’s all despite being given away on PS Plus as well as being part of the Plus Collection.

Detroit: Become Human is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC. Quantic Dream has announced plans to become independent, with a new studio being built in Montreal earlier this year. As of now, there have been no announced plans for whatever their next project will be.

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