Diablo 4 Has a 10-Hour Timed Trial on Xbox This Weekend

diablo 4 free play days

Diablo 4 is available as a timed trial for Xbox players this weekend. The trial will be available to play until October 22, and will have a time limit of 10 hours of gameplay. According to Microsoft, the addition of the Diablo 4 timed trial is a new addition to its Free Play Days. Other games as part of this weekend’s Free Play Days are NBA 2K24, Lawn Mowing Simulator, and Hokko Life.

It is worth noting that, while the other Free Play Days titles are only available to Xbox Game Pass Core and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, the timed trial for Diablo 4 requires no such subscription, and will be available to all Xbox players.

The timed trial comes in light of Microsoft having recently completed its acquisition of Activision Blizzard. The company has stated in the past, however, that it will still take at least a year before Activision Blizzard games will start showing up on Game Pass.

Diablo 4 was also recently released on Steam, getting Steam Deck verification along the way, coinciding with the game kicking off its second season, titled Season of Blood.

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