Diablo Immortal Will Receive Bigger Content Update Later This Month

Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal’s first post-launch update is live on mobiles and PC, and many have noted that it’s kind of…sparse. There’s the Season 2 Battle Pass, a new Helliquary Raid Boss and an upcoming limited-time event but not much else. According to Diablo franchise GM Rod Fergusson on Twitter, this is only the first update coming this month.

“Also, worth noting – there will be two Diablo Immortal updates in July. This first one will be mainly a Battle Pass update that also includes some small changes and bug fixes, the second update scheduled for later in July will be our first major content update.” What the second update could offer remains to be seen. It’s confirmed to add Class Change along with “other new content” so we’ll need to wait for more details.

Diablo 3 players can also look forward to Season 27, which is getting some new details later this week. Perhaps we’ll learn more about how the Echoing Nightmare is being implemented into the base game following its introduction in Season 26.

As for Diablo Immortal, it’s seen over 10 million installs in its first week with revenue reportedly crossing $24 million in just two weeks. There’s been some heavy backlash against its monetization, though. For more details on the game, check out our review of the PC version here.

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