DNF Duel Trailer Showcases the Grappler’s Throws

DNF Duel_02

Following showcases for its Berserker and Inquisitor characters, DNF Duel’s latest trailer highlights the Grappler. As a master of the Black Pearl Ring martial arts, the Grappler specializes in grabs, throws and leveraging the weight of his opponents against them. Check it out below.

In Dungeon Fighter Online, the Grappler’s moves include Fling, which tosses an enemy and deals damage to any others in its path (additional damage is dealt if they hit a wall). There’s also Neck Snap, which forces the enemy to face backward and causes them to become immobilized. Shoulder Tackle, as the name implies, sees the Grappler charging forward and nailing an opponent with a shoulder charge.

DNF Duel doesn’t currently have a release date or confirmed platforms. It’s developed by Arc System Works, Neople and Eighting, and based on the currently known roster, showcases for the Ranger and Striker are still to come. Stay tuned for more details until then.

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