DOOM Eternal Coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC on December 3rd

A new Master Level, Super Gore Nest, and its Classic Mode challenge are also coming.

doom eternal

After debuting first on Xbox Game Pass for console, id Software’s DOOM Eternal is bringing its brand of ripping and tearing to PC subscribers. It will arrive on December 3rd on Xbox Game Pass for PC. For current players, a new Master Level is live with Super Gore Nest.

Completing challenges in the new Master Level will net players the Gold Combat Shotgun skin. But Super Gore Nest’s Master Level is interesting because it also introduces Classic Mode. This starts the player with only a Combat Shotgun and they must clear the map, picking up all of their weapons and mods along the way.

It’s intriguing and actually meshes well with DOOM Eternal’s focus on enemy weaknesses. Competing Classic Mode will net players the Classic Green Slayer skin. DOOM Eternal is currently available for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Google Stadia. It will finally arrive for Nintendo Switch on December 8th and eventually for for Xbox Series X/S and PS5.

As for this month’s Game Pass offerings, stay tuned for more details especially with Remedy’s Control apparently being teased as a new addition.

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