Dragon Age 4 Will Receive an “Early Look” at The Game Awards, New Logo Revealed

BioWare teases the upcoming tease for its unnamed Dragon Age sequel.

dragon age 4

It was confirmed recently that we’d be getting a “special look” at Dragon Age 4 at The Game Awards this Thursday, December 10, and now BioWare have chimed in over on Twitter to provide some more brief details on the tease.

The developer confirms that we’ll be getting “an early look” at the next Dragon Age game at the awards show later this week. Meanwhile, in that same tweet, they also showed off a little bit of concept art (which seems to be a cropped version of previously seen art), which is accompanied by a new logo for the Dragon Age series, which is a bit bolder (literally) than previous games. Check it out below.

We’ve had a couple of early looks at the upcoming RPG so far. The game was announced at The Game Awards 2018 with a very brief teaser trailer, which was followed by some early development footage earlier this year. It remains to be seen what sort of a showing we’re in for in a few days’ time.

BioWare recently saw some major turnover in staff, with general manager Casey Hudson and Dragon Age executive producer leaving the studio. Read more on that – and how that will impact development on upcoming games – through here.

There’s no word yet on when exactly Dragon Age 4 will launch, but EA have said that it won’t launch until at least after April 1, 2022– so don’t hold your breath.

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