Dragon Ball FighterZ Shows More Master Roshi In Japanese Launch Trailer

Get more old school action with the newest character.

Dragon Ball FighterZ - Master Roshi

Arc System’s take on the classic Dragon Ball series with FighterZ has proven to be wildly successful. Up until this point, the game has focused largely on the Z saga, as the name implies, with DLC slanted towards the most recent Super saga that has helped to revive the series. Now, however, it’s times to get a little bit old school with the newest character, Master Roshi, with his Japanese launch trailer.

The character has been a constant presence during all of the series, but is notable as being one of the main characters going all the way back to the original Dragon Ball saga. The trailer below is in Japanese, so your mileage will vary on what you can understand, but you can still tell a good deal about how the character plays. One of the biggest differences between Roshi and the others seems to be movement as he doesn’t have the same dashing abilities as the other characters. Check it out for yourself below.

Dragon Ball FigherZ is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC. There’s also more footage of Roshi in action, which you can see thorough here. He will be available to season pass 3 owners starting September 16th with everyone else getting the character on the 18th.

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