Dragon Quest Treasures – Main Story is About 15-20 Hours, Full Completion Requires 100 Hours

dragon quest treasures key art

While all eyes are on The Game Awards today, Square Enix’s Dragon Quest Treasures launches tomorrow. In the latest issue of Famitsu (translation via DeepL), producer Taichi Inuzuka offered some new details. He confirmed that it can be cleared in 15-20 hours, which goes up to 30 hours “if you include after clearing the game.” The latter could refer to post-game content.

Full completion requires 100 hours, so there’s plenty to keep players busy, but if someone doesn’t want to invest a lot of time, they can clear the story through casual play. Furthermore, if you want to reach the ending by just treasure hunting, that’s possible (though some boss battles are unavoidable).

Though there are similarities to Dragon Quest Monsters, Inuzuka said, “Please be assured that the DQM series will not disappear with the release of this title.” As for DLC, the team will decide whether or not to release the same based on reactions from players.

Dragon Quest Treasures is available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. For more details on combat, Fortes, treasure hunting and selling, head here.

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