Dying Light 2’s Main Story is Roughly 20 Hours Long, Total Runtime Between 40-60 Hours

The game’s opening area alone houses about 7-8 hours’ worth of content.

Dying Light 2

Back in late 2019, Techland stated that Dying Light 2 had a main story that would last players between 15 and 20 hours, but given all the upheavals, delays, and troubled development hurdles that the game has gone through since then, it’s worth wondering how much things have changed on that front (and on others). It remains to be seen exactly how closely Dying Light 2 will eventually end up sticking to Techland’s original vision for the game (the disappointing recent dev update certainly didn’t help matters), but as far as the amount of content is concerned, players’ expectations should mostly stay the same.

Speaking to Wccftech in a recent interview, lead game designer Tymon Smektała said that the game’s story will be roughly 20 hours long if players “rush it”, but that if you tackle side quests and optional content, the game should be twice or thrice as long. Smektała added that the opening area of the game alone has about 7-8 hours of content.

“If you rush it, you should be able to finish the story in roughly 20 hours,” he said. “But to see it all, you’d have to spend 2-3 times more time than that. Our opening area alone can last for over 7-8 hours if you want to explore every nook and cranny, so there’s absolutely a lot to play here.”

In the same interview, the Dying Light 2 devs also spoke about the impact of the transition to the C-Engine on development, and also confirmed that on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, it will have modes prioritizing ray-tracing, 4K, and 60 FPS gameplay.

Dying Light 2 is currently scheduled for launch some time in 2021 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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