EA Play Is Now Available Directly On Steam

The subscription service finally hits Steam after a long wait.

EA Play

Like several of the major third party publishers, EA left the popular Steam PC storefront to create their own in Origin. Slowly, the company has been finding its way back to Valve’s storefront. And now, the final piece of that puzzle has come in the form of EA Play.

EA Play is the rebranded EA Access, if you weren’t aware. It is a subscription service that allows you early access to new releases, discounts on said new releases, and a huge backlog of EA’s previous titles. The service has several tiers with the lowest one beginning at $4.99 a month. You can now sign up for the service directly on Steam, which you can read more information about through here.

Keep in mind that while you will have full access to the EA Play library, some titles will still require you to use the Origin launcher since not every title has been moved over. But either way, now you can manage everything directly from Steam if you wish.

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