EA Play Now Has Nearly 13 Million Active Players

Across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

EA Play

EA have made some big moves with their subscription service, EA Play, over the last year or so. The service is available across multiple platforms, from Xbox and PlayStation to Steam and their own client, and recently, was also made available to all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers on console for no additional cost (with PC integration coming soon as well).

And it seems they’re reaping the fruits of those efforts, with a significant jump in their numbers. During their recent quarterly fiscal earnings release, EA confirmed that EA Play now has nearly 13 million active players across all the platforms that the service is currently available on.

Speaking about the service, EA CEO Andrew Wilson highlighted the growing value of subscription models.

“We’re also expanding our lead in subscriptions,” Wilson said. “The groundbreaking integration of our EA Play service with Microsoft Game Pass has accelerated our subscription business, with nearly 13 million players now active in our service across four platforms – Xbox, PlayStation, Steam and our EA client. With more players valuing the subscription model, and with our scale across platforms and content, we are building a strong, growing business with recurrent revenue.”

As of just November 2020, EA Play had 6.5 million subscribers, which means the deal with Xbox and integration with Game Pass Ultimate has led to a massive jump in numbers.

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