EA Teams With Halo Co-Creator To Launch New Studio


It was not that long ago that Marcus Lehto, one of the Co-Creators of the legendary Halo franchise, was starting his own studio and launching an ambitious new project that combined first person shooters and RTS called Disintegration. Unfortunately, the project didn’t take off, and saw its multiplayer servers shut down in less than half a year after its launch. The studio that Lehto help found, V1 Interactive, soon followed as they closed their doors earlier this year. But Mr. Lehto isn’t out of the game just yet.

Taking to his official Twitter, Lehto announced that he would be partnering with EA for a new studio as a Game Director. As you can see below, there is no other information there except that it will be based in Seattle and that it will focus on first person games.

Whether this will be original IPs or a licensed project is anyone’s guess, and since the language implies this is something in the process of being built now it means we probably won’t see whatever they are working on for a long time.

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