eFootball Receives First Official Gameplay Trailer


Konami’s football efforts are going to take a very different turn soon, with the free-to-play eFootball launching later in the year, and ahead of its launch, the company has started rolling out new information on the game. The first gameplay trailer for eFootball is here, showing various improvements.

The trailer’s a pretty beefy one at over six minutes long, and goes over ball control, a new camera system, improved physical battles, and much more. Check it out below. Meanwhile, Konami has also unveiled a roadmap for the content and updates the game will continue to receive throughout 2021 following its launch.

In early autumn, the game will have local matches with a selection of clubs, though cross-play across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox won’t be available till later in autumn (only cross-gen play will be available). Later in autumn, online leagues will also be opened up, as well as a team building mode, while a match pass system will also be added. Finally, winter will bring the game to iOS and Android, add mobile controls, and full cross-play across all versions (including mobile), while esports tournaments will also begin kicking off.

Konami has previously said that eFootball launches, it’ll essentially be a demo, with the following months adding more content and features to the game, so don’t go in expecting a full-featured game right off the bat.

An exact release date for the game is still unknown, but whenever it launches, it’ll be available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC, with iOS and Android versions coming later.

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