Elden Ring – Another Brief Clip Leaks, FromSoftware Parent Company Hints at FY 2022 Launch

The long-awaited RPG might release before April 2022.

elden ring

The wait for Elden Ring has been a long and torturous one, but sadly for FromSoftware and publisher Bandai Namco, it’s also been marred by several leaks. Earlier this year, a gameplay trailer of the game leaked online, showing footage from an allegedly year-old build that was put together for internal purposes but somehow made it out into the wild. Now, as spotted by VGC, another brief clip of the game has emerged online, showing only a handful of seconds of new footage- and possibly even originating from the same leak.

What’s more interesting, however, that Kodokawa Corp – the parent company of FromSoftware – said in its recent financial report that it expects to launch new games in the current fiscal year, which ends on March 31, 2022. Of course, Elden Ring isn’t specifically named, but that is the most prominent game the company is attached to. Besides, the timing would make sense- previous reports have suggested that Elden Ring was originally planned for this year, but got delayed due to COVID-related development issues, so it’s certainly possible that it’ll be ready by next year.

Meanwhile, some reports have also suggested that there’s a possibility Elden Ring shows up at E3 2021 this June- but honestly, that’s hardly guaranteed. Keep hope alive for a trailer in the near future, but don’t get too optimistic.

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