Elden Ring – Hotfix 1.07.1 is Out Now, Ash of War: Endure Nerfed

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FromSoftware’s Elden Ring received a game-changing update two weeks ago, adding separate damage scaling for PvP. The developer has since released hotfix 1.07.1 for consoles and PC, which adjusts the game balance further.

First off, it shortens the duration of the Ash of War: Endure. It’s due to previous adjustments having a “greater impact on game balance” than the developer expected. The Incantation: Inescapable Frenzy also had a bug fixed, so FP consumption should now be reduced.

The notes for patch 1.07 also had some errors, namely with Incantations Flame of the Fell God and Gurranq’s Beast Claw, which unfortunately can’t be charged. The Incantation: Black Blade is also missing its follow-up attack when cast from the left hand. A fix is coming in a later update.

Elden Ring is out now for Xbox One, PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S. Check out our official review here. Recent data mining has hinted at potential DLC zones and ray tracing support in the future – learn more here.

ELDEN RING: Patch Notes 1.07.1

Major Changes included in the latest patch

Ash of War – Endure

  • Shortened effect duration. Adjustments made in patch 1.07 had a greater impact on the game balance than expected.

Incantation – Inescapable Frenzy

  • Fixed a bug where the FP consumption was not properly reduced in patch 1.07.

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