Elden Ring Publisher Addresses Performance Issues, Says Fixes Are on the Way

Elden Ring_02

FromSoftware’s high-fantasy action RPG Elden Ring is finally out, and while the game in itself is doing well, with 764,000 players on Steam playing it, there have been complaints of it having numerous performance issues. While the developers did push an update the last day before its release, it seems that might not have fixed all the issues left in the game- and FromSoftware and publisher Bandai Namco are, of course, aware of that.

Through an official blog post, Bandai Namco has acknowledged the issues players have been reporting, such as mouse sensitivity being high, Easy Anti-Cheat not launching when Steam account names are set to 2-byte characters, frame-rate issues, micro stutters, and more.

The company mentions that while updating the graphics driver on PC may help to solve some of the issues, the team at FromSoftware is actively working on patches and performance fixes, which will be released soon.

In other related news, the game is set to receive a ray tracing patch, though there’s no word on exactly when it will arrive.

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