Elden Ring – YouTuber Discovers Cut Gameplay Mechanic Called “Dream Mist”

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Elden Ring is an absolutely massive game – more massive than you’d imagine before having played it – but as is the case with any game, it doesn’t have everything that its developers had envisioned it would. Content getting cut and ideas getting dropped happens all the time over the course of any game’s development, and since Elden Ring’s launch, players have been unearthing a few of things that were at one point in the works but ultimately didn’t make the cut in FromSoftware’s open world action RPG.

Recently, for instance, popular FromSoftware-focused YouTuber Lance McDonald uncovered a gameplay mechanic called “Dream Mist” that was removed from the game. Dream Mist would have been central to one particular quest and would have tasked players with capturing the dreams of sleeping enemies. Various NPCs in the game had dialogue relating to the same, while quest-specific items – such as a “Dream Brew” – also seem to be part of the same mechanic.

According to McDonald, there was quite a bit of dialogue in the game for the Dream Mist quest, while the quest giver was also supposed to be part of another “sprawling quest”, all of which ended up getting quest. Interestingly, as McDonald points out, Elden Ring’s pre-launch closed network test also had sleeping enemies in its world that were part of the quest, though these got removed from the final game.

Check out the video below for more details.

Not too long ago, players also discovered evidence of a bestiary that didn’t make it into the final game, while the presence of a restricted colosseum has also led many to speculate that multiplayer DLC might be in the works as well. FromSoftware and Bandai Namco, however, have yet to say anything about what (if any) their post-launch plans for the game are.

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