Elite Dangerous And The World Next Door Are This Week’s Free Epic Games Store Titles

Two very different titles to grab for free this time around.


It’s now been almost two full years since the Epic Games Store launched. It can be hard to remember, but there was a period in time when the store was at the center of controversy after controversy in regards to exclusive game deals. The deals themselves have not stopped, but it seems the outrage has by and large, at least for now. What also didn’t stop, surprisingly, was the free games. If anything, Epic is giving out even more games now than before, and we’ve got two more this week.

This week we’ve got two very different games. First up is Elite Dangerous, a massively multiplayer game where you must take to the stars and built up your ship in an open-world narrative adventure. The second is The World Next Door. It’s an anime-styled puzzle game/visual novel that follows a rebellious teen who finds herself trapped in a hostile alternate world that she must escape from before time runs out.

Elite Dangerous and The World Next Door are available for free via Epic Games Store until November 26th. You can redeem them through here or on the store launcher. Next up in line for next week is MudRunner.

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