Endless Dungeon Trailer Showcases Zed’s Story and Weaponry

Endless Dungeon

It’s been a while since Amplitude Studios offered new details on Endless Dungeon, its upcoming tactical rogue-lite shooter set in the Endless universe. A new trailer has been released and reveals the game’s first hero – Zed, a heavy infantry soldier who’s on leave with her squad at the Sunkiller Festival. But it’s not long before they land on a derelict station housing all kinds of danger.

Described as a “sole survivor”, Zed is looking to survive and get out of the station alive. Her combat style is focused on heavy weapons like a gatling gun and a shock rifle. As she gets angrier, her damage output increases. Zed is also seemingly capable of emitting a field while rocking out though its effect is unknown.

Endless Dungeon is currently in development for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC. It doesn’t have a release date but perhaps we’ll learn more after some more hero reveals. Stay tuned and check out the last gameplay trailer here that outlines the four rules of survival.

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