Everspace 2 Gets Drake: Gang Wars Update With Fire and Ice Environments, New Factions, and a New Side Quest

everspace 2

Developer Rockfish Games has released a new update for Everspace 2. Available on Steam and GOG, and coming soon to the Microsoft Store, the update adds a lot of new content to the game. Check out the trailer below.

Titled Drake: Gang Wars, the update adds the new Drake star system to Everspace 2. The star system features hand-crafted environments with lava, ice, and underwater exploration.

The major features of the Drake: Gang Wars update is the addition of new enemy types, status effects, new challenges, and a three-chapter side quest that introduces players to the new star system.

The star system is controlled by one of three new factions: the Coalition, the Retaliators, and Zurilia. The three factions control over a dozen new locations in the update.

Everspace 2 is currently available as an early access release, and the developers haven’t yet revealed details of the game’s final chapters.

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